You Have Other Choices

By Rae Abileah with assistance from Jen Low

Rae Abileah wanted to join the military when she was in high school. After her abusive father left her family, she didn't know how she could ever afford college without enlisting. But Rae found alternatives. In this chapter she discusses other ways to get college money, adventure and travel without risking life and limb.

"Given the state of the economy at the moment, it is unsurprising that 33 percent of male recruits and 39 percent of female recruits report that they enter the military to get money for college. Unfortunately, the military is often so desperate to meet quotas and is itself so strapped for cash that these are empty promises; most recruits never see any of this money. Rather than take a gamble on a lot of hot air from military recruiters, it's possible to find tuition money from a reputable source."

About Rae Abileah

Rae Abileah is an activist, writer and artist who considered joining the military after high school to secure much-needed funds for a college education. Rae has been active in the movement to counter military recruiters on college and high school campuses and to foster a stronger youth antiwar movement. She currently works for Code Pink: Women for Peace as the national local groups coordinator, helping to strengthen the grassroots peace movement in the United States and abroad.